Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Precise Happinizing Steps

Shawn Achor's Advice about how to, in my words, Happinize Puposefully-

I recommend printing this and posting it somewhere where everyone in your household will see it on a daily basis. By doing these simple things you will be ensuring that your brain is in prime shape to happinize to the fullest!
  • Make gratitude a life habit:  Each day jot down three specific things that you are grateful for and fully explain why each is important to you.
  • Keep a gratitude journal: Concentrate on meaningful experiences and write down as many positive details as you can remember.  Research has proven that keeping a journal for six weeks can create new positive neural tracts, decrease stress and even reduce the need for medication.
  • Exercise: It improves motivation, reduces stress and increases feelings of mastery and engagement. Exercise has been proven to increase one’s IQ for two hours after the activity ends.
  • Meditate:  In a hectic world of multitasking and information overload, meditation trains our brain to do one thing at a time.  Even a few simple moments of daily focus can have enormous benefits, such as taking your hands off the computer keyboard for two minutes each day and breathing deeply.
  • Perform conscious acts of kindness: Altruism has been proven to decrease stress and significantly enhance mental health. Achor makes it a practice to start his day by praising someone in a short email.  He says community service projects help families develop greater happiness and achieve more success.

    Although (that I know of), Achor does not stress healthy eating, you should keep in mind that healthy eating, along with weekly exercise, is vital to helping your brain be in a prime condition to happinize. 

I wish you all healthy living! 

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