Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skin and Hair- The Kitchen...in your Bathroom

I know that some of my friends have been most interested in my hair/skin inventions. So, now that I have time, I will include recipes for the things that have worked best thus far. This all is amazing! Once you start on the happinizing road, there is no way you'd ever go back to how you used to do things!

In thinking of changing the way I ate and starting to get serious about exercising every week, I started asking other questions. I started to think about everything that was going into my system. For how I drink water- I switched over to the glass water bottles- I am never going back to plastic. For my food, I try to eat 85-100% non-processed foods. Do I have a burger once in a while? Well, duh! But at least I know that it's only a small part of what I am putting in my system. Then I started thinking, well, I'm making all these other changes in other parts of my life, but have I thought of what is in my lotions? What about my make up? I have never even looked at the ingredients for these things, and when you look, many words are words that are hardly pronounceable and some even take up to two lines! So....clearly, this did not line up to my happinizing life change. Now my bathroom looks more like a kitchen and it's fantastic! Here are a few awesome tips from my new happinizing lifestyle. 

Facewash: I no longer use store-bought products to wash my face. I wash my face with honey. Yes honey! You know how honey gets once it's old...we usually toss it at that point. Why toss it?! It makes a great exfoliant! Ever since I started washing my face with honey my face has cleared up and it never feels crazy dry like it used to feel with the store bought stuff. Want to get a bit more fancy? Add oats, avocado, kiwi and yogurt. Seriously, it feels amazing! 

Face lotion: now I use glycerin and vitamin e oil (from Trader Joes- it's like $4 I think). A few drops of both, and boom! amazing skin! 

Shampoo: I tried the no poo method, but I am not convinced yet. So as soon as I use up the old shampoos I still have, I will use the Dr. Bronner shampoo. I should say that when I shampoo I use baking soda to make sure that the gunky shampoo feeling doesn't happen. Since I started to use baking soda I started growing more hair and it feels much healthier. 

Conditioner: ok, this stuff is miraculous!! I got creative and made a little concoction adding: Blackstrap molasses, honey, and vitamin e oil. I have never seen this before, my split ends are disappearing! You've got to try it! 

Deep hair conditioning: you can try a combo, or any of the following ingredients solo (my fave is the mayo): mayo, egg yolk, avocado, yogurt...feel free to add to the list

Body lotion: I use coconut oil and add a bit of the vitamin e oil. Again, great stuff! 

Bronzer: cinnamon 

Blush: beet, yes, I use a beet instead of blush. I feel SO much better about what is going on my skin! With the beet you can get a bit more fancy and dry the beet, use a coffee bean grinder to grind it and make your own powder, and then you can use the powder to make your own lip gloss and other cosmetics. I've yet to get to that point though...

Lipstick/color for lips: the beet!

Mascara: ok, I haven't found anything good for this one really. So I'm just buying "organic" mascara at this point...whatever that really means...Please send suggestions my way!

Deodorant: just using Dr. Tom's at the moment, same goes for mouthwash

See, it's really not that hard and I can assure you that you will be more than happy with the results

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